Improving a Relationship with a Colleague at Work

Improving a Relationship with a Colleague at Work

Arranging A Memorial Service After Cremation: Three Key Differences To Keep In Mind

by Lauren Hudson

When it comes to traditional funeral services and memorial services for cremation, there are several key differences to keep in mind. If your loved one has chosen cremation, you may not be sure of how the memorial service will work or how to arrange for each part of the service. Fortunately, your funeral home director can provide much-needed guidance for you. Of course, you may want to take some time to learn about the differences as well. Use this guide to help you as you begin to prepare a memorial service for your loved one.


If your loved one has elected to be cremated before the memorial service, you won't be able to hold a traditional casket viewing. While this may be difficult for some family members to accept, there are ways you can provide comfort and a way to say a final goodbye. Work with a local portrait studio to have a photo of your loved one enlarged and framed. This photo can sit on an easel next to the urn, which is sometimes placed on a pedestal where the casket would normally be located. The photo offers a way to remember your loved one as he or she looked in happier days. You may also want to consider making a photo collage to display somewhere in the viewing room as well.


Without a casket, there is less of a need to order funeral flowers. You won't need the traditional casket spray, but there are other floral touches you might want to consider as an alternative. Large vases filled with flowers can be displayed on pedestals, which can then be placed on either side of the urn. You can also take this opportunity to add a more environmentally friendly element to the services by choosing large potted plants. These plants can be gifted to close family members, or they can be planted in a garden for a living memorial to your loved one.

Burial Services

There are many different options that can replace traditional burial services. If your loved one wished to have his or her cremains interred, you can have a graveside service at the cemetery. However, if he or she wished to have the cremains scattered, you may have to arrange for this to happen on a day following the memorial service. When and how you arrange the scattering will depend on where your loved one wished to have the cremains placed. Your funeral home director can help you to make the proper arrangements for interment or for scattering.

Be sure to check your loved one's will to see if there were any specific instructions left for the memorial service. If he or she pre-planned the cremation and memorial, you can get this information from the funeral home. Discuss these final wishes with your family so that everyone knows what to expect when they enter the funeral home. Visit a site like for more information.


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Improving a Relationship with a Colleague at Work

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