Improving a Relationship with a Colleague at Work

Improving a Relationship with a Colleague at Work

Look To The Future: Making Plans For Your Life Can Make Adoption Easier

by Lauren Hudson

Placing your baby for adoption is both challenging and courageous. You may experience many emotions, both positive and negative, when you make the decision to find another family who can adopt your baby. However, as a birth mother, you can help channel the difficult feelings you might experience into goals that you have for the future. Focusing on and planning for your future can help you stay positive during the adoption process. 

Making Plans

The first step you should take to focusing on your future is to not only plan for your baby's welfare but to plan for your own. While you're looking through potential adoptive families and deciding which one will be best for your baby, consider also choosing which direction you want to go for your own life.

You might decide, for instance, that you want to go to college. This is an excellent goal to have. To offset the planning for the adoption, begin reviewing program courses and tuition fees for feasible schools in your area. Talk to your adoption counselor about potential schooling opportunities.

Schooling is not the only plan you could make. Perhaps you've always wanted to travel. During the adoption process, spend time planning a trip somewhere. If money is tight, plan a small trip somewhere relatively close by. Experiencing something new is one of the best ways to leave the painful parts of adoption in the past.

Setting Goals

After you've decided what plan fits with the vision you have for your life, it's time to set realistic goals for making them happen. Begin with your baby. What goals do you have for his or her life? Write those goals down. Then answer the same question for yourself. 

After you have the end goal in sight, it's time to break down the goal so you can achieve it. The SMART method can help you set goals that are attainable. If you're daunted or unconfident in your ability to reach them, set smaller goals at first to build your confidence. For example, you might make it a goal to work out daily before you decide to become a personal trainer. 

Some women struggle to get through adoption without feeling guilty or desperately sad. Preparing for your future alongside your baby's future is one of the best ways to offset these feelings and bring positive forward energy into your life. By choosing adoption, you are not only securing a beautiful life for your child, but you are also opening doors to a beautiful life for yourself. To learn more about placing your baby for adoption, check out a site like


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Improving a Relationship with a Colleague at Work

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